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An international fly-fishing film of contrast and commonality.

Fly-fishing is an international affair.  In each locale, fly-fishing is surrounded by unique, foreign cultures that have evolved their own approaches and styles for the sport.  The general, technical aspects of fly-fishing are the same: rod, reel, waders, dry-fly, nymph, etc. The behavior and environment are what alter.  Differences aside, we all tell tall tales of fish caught and lost; we all miss work; we all threaten our relationships with excuses to fish; we all wake up at ungodly hours on a Saturday morning to arrive in time for a hatch – fly-fishing is a powerful current that binds an even stronger worldwide community.

The Mission. Meet up with three guides in three very different places: Iceland, Argentina and the Bahamas.  The locations are unique, the cultures vary, and the styles pointedly their own, but more importantly how is it all similar? Envision the contrast between the lives of a Bahamian flats-drifter, a Patagonian trout bum, and a midnight-sun Icelander – who are these people? Travel along as we seek the common threads that gravitate and connect each of them to our shared passion: fly-fishing.

Tributaries will be an approximately 30 minute documentary featured on the Fly Fishing Film Tour and the RISE European Fly-Fishing Film Tour. This movie will have many options for digital download including a limited edition Blu-ray package, all available January of 2014. Follow the latest news from Tributaries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or sign up via email for the latest updates.




6 Responses to “Introducing Tributaries”

  1. Jessie Bebb Kane

    Hi RC! I loved “Breathe”. It was such a special film. As you know, my father was an avid fly fisherman. It brought him such peace. Your film really resonated with him, and brought him much joy in his last days on this earth. Thank you for making such and honest and beautiful film about your passion. It meant a lot to him, as he felt he could fish vicariously through you and your film. Thank you for such a special gift. All the best to you on your new project, I can’t wait to see it.
    Much Love and tight lines,

    • RC Cone

      Jessie, Thank you for your kind words. I’m stoked your Dad enjoyed the film as he did – it makes the mess, stress, and general junk show behind the camera worth it. I’ll be in MT sometime next year – let’s hang out.

  2. Tobin

    Very cool, RC. you’re getting a good body of work together. Come back and film the fire world again sometime. TK

    • RC Cone

      Tobin, thanks for checking the project out!

      I would love to spend time in another fire lookout with my new production skills. Know of any? 😉

  3. Robert the swede

    Dude! It’s the swede here, hope all is well. Loved your last film and I know this one will be good. I also have a blog these days, check it out mate. I might be going to the US next year for some fishing. Hope you got some time for me. Get back to me RC!

    Best regards

    • RC Cone

      Robert, sweet website and thanks for checking out the film! Hit me up when you’re in the states, we shall slay…


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