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Fly fishing is more than just a job or hobby for Prescott.

Fly fishing is a way of life; it provides employment, experience, entertainment, and more. Having been taught by the best, his father, the famed “Crazy Charlie,” (often revered as “The Godfather of the Flats”) Prescott has devoted his life to fly fishing and the conservation of the areas the local bonefish, permit, and tarpon call home. As a world-renowned guide and President of The Bahamas Sportfishing & Conservation Association, it’s safe to say: Prescott is a busy man; and his dedication to not only the sport, but also the preservation of the habitat is second-to-none. Take a moment and watch the first video in our Tributaries: Guide Series designed to give you a glimpse into the everyday lives of professional fly fishing guides from unique areas around the globe. Stay tuned for future videos covering the lives of professional guides from Northern Patagonia, Argentina and Eastern Iceland.

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The music in Iceland matches the sublimity of the landscape. Big, melodic heavy metal.

DIMMA is loud. They also sent in the highest quality audio file we’ve ever heard – these guys are true musicians, they care about their sound.
When bumping around Icelandic rivers in a big 4×4, with waterfalls every 20 meters and salmon literally jumping out of the water – I couldn’t help but think of loud, melodic heavy metal. I was lucky to hear about DIMMA in the guides’ nook in a fishing lodge in eastern Iceland. As soon as I heard them I knew they’d be perfect for the big, expansive scenery and splashy, dramatic salmon fights. The songs used in Tributaries are Black Magic and Myrkraverk.

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Iceland was amazing and a big thank you to the guys at is in order.

There’s not much to say about Iceland because it rendered me speechless. The multitude of rivers feeding the Arctic Ocean filled with big, angry Atlantic salmon is really something every fly fisherman has to experience themselves. Siggi is a world-class guide with equally as much character (hint: bring good scotch). Not only is he expert on the water, his and his company’s knowledge of all things Iceland is superb – he’s a great resource. Check Siggi and his crew out at

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Three cultures. Three guides. One common current.

Tributaries is a journey to uncover the commonality among different cultures, people and water. It explores the contrasting experiences of three diverse guides — a Bahamian flats-drifter, a Patagonian trout bum and a Viking-blooded Icelander.

Watch three characters’ stories merge into one: a tribute to the world’s water.

Tributaries is a featured film in the 2014 F3T and 2014 Rise film festivals. Full-length downloads are available at and begin at $4. Get the latest updates on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Directed by RC Cone
Written by RC Cone and Zack Wheeler

Locations: The Bahamas, Iceland, Argentina
Starring: Prescott Smith, Siggi Haugur, Tuqui Visvarro

Trailer Music:
Crazy Charlie Smith
RC Cone

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Tributaries Fly Fishing FilmA trailer and full-length movie will be available in January. Stay tuned.